Its not easy being green!


I live an anxious life.

The Master said that I cannot serve two masters. I don’t want to serve two, but its not that easy.  The problem is my vision. Sometimes my eyes focus on one thing and other times, I look in two directions.  This is great for a frog’s survival, but such double vision fills me with anxiety. When I look in both directions, its hard to concentrate on two things at the same time.

When I can focus on God, the vision fills me with light.  I know that life has been answered and there is no need to fear. In God’s eyes, I am worth more than grass and sparrows. He cares for them and so he cares even more for me. When my vision is single, I am not afraid. God is for me, so who can be against me? That should be enough.

The problem is that something moves into my field of vision and grabs my attention. My vision becomes unfocused and I become anxious.  Let’s take the economy for example. The Master said I shouldn’t worry, but has He seen the price of gasoline? Salaries are down -costs are up. Tomatoes are a dollar a piece and they aren’t that good. There’s 14 trillion dollars owed to someone and who will pay it? I’ve paid into something called “social security”, but will there be any security at all when I hit 65? And what of my children? What will they do if things continue as they are now. All the birds have to worry about is the next worm and grass doesn’t worry at all. Lucky creatures!

Then there are tsunamis and earthquakes, plagues and cancers, wars and rebellions and marches and protests and all kinds of misfortune. At this point,  both eyes have turned from God to the world and it is very dark indeed.

If a man’s vision is healthy and focused, anxiety and fear flees before the light of God. I know of such a man of vision – St. John Maximovitch. His eye was single, his vision was focused and healthy, and true. No matter how the world tried to catch his attention, and it tried very hard,  he kept both of his eyes on the Lord. His life gives me hope that maybe I too can learn to keep my focus where it belongs.

I long to end my frog’s way of life. I’m tired of my double vision and my wandering eyes. The Lord is right. My anxiety changes nothing, not even my height or hair colour. If I could just put both eyes on the Lord and focus them, I could see the truth in all things and the darkness of fear and anxiety would end.

Therefore, I am resolved that my vision will be healthy and focused upon God. I will not let my vision become double again. I will keep my eye single!

Oh, I just heard a story on the news that Congress may not be able meet the deadline for our budget and we will default on our loans. If that happens, we may go into a great depression. What are we going to do? How will we pay our bills? Tax increases? I can’t afford it. What will happen to us?

Oh no, one eye just shifted again and things got fuzzy. Two masters, again!!!

Call me Kermit, the Orthodox frog!

Its not easy being green!

(a reflection on Matthew 6:22-33)

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