Water World

The Earth is truly a water world. Two thirds of the Earth is covered by the oceans. Long ago, when I was young, someone told me that the human body was mostly made of water. Doing some research, I discovered that a baby has the most water at around 78%. Reaching adulthood, the percentage drops to about 60 percent. It also depends on how much fat you have. Apparently, the more fat you have, the less water you have. Even so, at 60%, we are  a world of water.

Do you know what the name “Moses” means? In Hebrew, it means “drawn from water.” You might think that this has to do with the fact that the infant Moses was drawn from the water of the Nile. Actually, the name was very common in that day and it had more to do with the fact that infants are drawn from a water world in their mother’s womb.

It is into this water world that the Lord Jesus entered when he went into the Jordan to be baptized. He said that his reason was to “fulfill all righteousness.”  In past times, I thought that Jesus wanted to make sure that all the “i’s” were dotted and all the “t’s” crossed. But Orthodoxy taught me that the fulfilling of all righteousness is more than fulfilling the law. The Lord entered the water, the most abundant and elemental substance in the world in order to bring healing to all of the waters of the world. The “fulfilling of all righteousness” means the healing of the entire cosmos which, according to St. Paul was subject to corruption because of our sinfulness.

Does water need to be healed. Well, if you remember the words of St. Paul, the fall of man brought corruption to the physical world so that all of creation is subject to death.  Still, we might ask if water can be healed? After all, its just water, a chemical combination of hydrogen and oxygen.  Archbishop Seraphim of the OCA recently spoke about Theophany and the healing of water. Let me quote some excerpts from his sermon.

“In Japan, there was a scientist who decided he was going to study the character of water at the point of freezing, and watch the crystallisation of water, and its characteristics. He did this by studying different kinds of water. He studied tap water, lake water, water that is polluted, water that is around pleasant circumstances, water that is around rock music, water that is around Mozart, water that has people saying to it: “I love you”, water that has people saying to it: “I hate you”. He studied the nature of the crystals under all these circumstances, and he found that the crystallization of the water was very different according to the circumstances. Under positive circumstances, the crystals are very clear and normal. When water is under generally good circumstances, things are regular. When water is around Mozart, or words of love, encouragement, hope, peace, and so forth, the crystals are particularly nice-looking. When the water is polluted, you can hardly recognize a crystal at all – it’s all completely distorted. The same thing happens around negative emotions like hate, anger, and certain kinds of rock music (because certain kinds of rock music are characterized exactly by anger, and even hatred). Then there was a study done in Russia by Russian scientists because they decided to take this farther. They repeated the studies of the Japanese scientists, and then they added on their own more elaborate studies of the characteristics of water. Then they showed what holy water looks like, water that has been blessed in the Orthodox Church. This water is, apparently, really extraordinary – extraordinarily beautiful. They did further studies, and they discovered that water that is in this good condition heals water that is in bad condition. One small part of blessed water or healthy water will heal corrupted water at least sixty, if not six hundred times as much. That much! That is the strength of the influence of this holy water, this blessed water, this healthy water on corrupted water.”

Yes, water can be healed.

In Theophany, we have a blessing of the waters. We remember how the Lord descended into the waters of the Jordan, and  today we ask the Holy Spirit to descend upon our water and make it holy. We do the same for the waters of our baptism so that being a world of water ourselves, we enter into the pure water of the original creation.  I invite you to get jug of it, take it home, and drink a little every day so that the water world in you, twisted, polluted and distorted by anger and sin can, with prayer and faith and hope,  remembering the One who sanctified all the waters of the Earth, we will be healed and made whole again.

2 Responses to “Water World”

  1. Carolina Cannonball Says:

    not related to the post, but I was looking at your parish website and you have been blessed indeed! The before & after photos are fabulous. I enjoyed looking at the various Liturgy pics and the library.

  2. Joseph Reynolds Says:

    I am curious as to the references to the Japanese and Russian research… Do you happen to know if or where the results are published?

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