Quickspin’s Vampire Senpai (in Japanese)

Put Some Gnashing Teeth Into This New Opening

Quickspin’s newest release, Vampire Senpai, features Jiangshi as a playable character. Vampires are undead monsters that feed on the vitality of the living, according to Chinese folklore. However, despite the fact that they may sound like the ideal monster for a straightforward horror slot machine, Vampire Senpai is actually a very hilarious game with a playful cartoon design.

40 Lines of Strangely Delightful Fun

The slot machine known as Vampire Senpai has five reels, five rows, and a total of forty different pay lines. The reels are displayed inside of a pagoda in the garden, and the background depicts the elaborate garden that they are in, complete with flourishing cherry blossom trees. The game takes place during the nighttime hours, which is to be expected given the vampire setting; nonetheless, the environment is brightened by colorful hues, so there is no need to worry about getting nightmares as a result of playing.

The playing card ranks of J, Q, K, and A are represented on the reels, along with a Vampire Wild, a bell Bonus symbol, three medium characters with odd appearances, and a bell Bonus symbol that also functions as a wild. All of the symbols convey a vibe that may be described as “weird but entertaining.” The music is just as unusual, combining some traditional Asian tunes with periods that seem more western and a number of bizarre sound effects that we won’t even begin to describe. The audio is equally as strange as the visuals.

Taking the Wild by Storm Feature

If you are lucky enough to get a Vampire Wild symbol anywhere on the reels, any medium symbol that is nearby will be turned into a Turned Wild. This implies that the character will become a victim of the vampire and turn wild as a result of the encounter. When this occurs, you will be able to tell because the color will be removed from the character’s face and a bright yellow “Wild” sign will be put over it.

Once a character has been infected with the vampire disease and become a Turned Wild, they have the ability to infect adjacent medium characters as well, allowing the contagion to rapidly spread over the reels. This vampire craze is something that should be encouraged because the more wild symbols that appear on the reels, the greater the likelihood that the player will win a prize or many prizes.

Talisman Mystery Wilds is a Feature that Can Appear.

Every time you give the reels a spin, there is a chance that the Talisman Mystery Wilds feature will be activated in a way that is completely at random. When it is activated, this feature will add anywhere from three to nine Talisman Wild symbols to any of the first four reels at random. Talisman Wilds aren’t included in the standard game, but when they do appear in this area, they function exactly the same as any other wild card would.






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