Mini Lotto: Rules, Price & Odds

How to Participate in Mini Lotto

The procedure for playing lottery games is essentially identical. To participate in Mini Lotto, you must purchase a ticket similar to other lottery activities. You can purchase Mini Lotto tickets at retail locations or online.

During the purchase, you will select five numbers between 1 and 42. You can do this manually, i.e., choose for yourself. Alternately, you may use a random number generator to generate five random numbers. Since it is a game of chance like the finest online slots, you can confidently choose the latter.


Then, all that is left to do is wait for the draw. You have the option of selecting up to ten lotteries for which your ticket will remain valid.


In addition to the standard selection of five numerals, you may also choose a few additional privileges. There are the system game and the extreme chance game among them. Both options are extremely thrilling, but their prices are obviously distinct.


The system game permits the player to select more than five numbers. You may select between 6 and 12 numerals from the range 1 to 42. This can multiply your odds of obtaining a 5-number match.


In contrast, the super chance game provides you the opportunity to win a larger jackpot than the Mini Lotto game typically offers. You may choose a seven-digit random number between 0000000 and 9999999 in the great chance round. The results of this draw are announced alongside those of the standard Mini Lotto drawings.


Guidelines for Mini Lotto

Now that you understand how to play the Mini Lotto game in Poland, let’s discuss how to win. This section discusses the game’s mechanics and the principles by which winners and losers are determined.


If you play the simplest version of Mini Lotto, the instructions are straightforward. At a specific time each day, numbers are drawn at random. You are awarded incentives based on how many of the numbers on your ticket match the ones that have been eliminated.


Three matches are required in order to obtain a prize. Then you will receive 30% of your total bet back. Conversely, if you receive 4 or 5 matches, you win 20% or 50% of your total wager, accordingly. Choosing the system game or the super chance makes the situation more thrilling.


In the system game, you can select between six and twelve numerals. You win prizes for any three to five matching numerals. This multiplies your odds of matching 5 or 4 or 3 numbers multiple times.


Super chance, in contrast, is an additional game. Essentially, it is a game within a game. In addition to the five or more numbers you choose for a draw, you will be given a seven-digit number. If the number drawn corresponds to a string of consecutive numbers in the seven-digit number chain, you could receive a larger cash prize.

Mini Lotto Prizes Are Subject to Taxation


Poland is one of the best locations to win a large lottery jackpot. Compared to countries such as the United States, the taxes are quite minimal. This means that you will retain a larger portion of your winnings than if you were in a different country.


In Poland, the tax rate on lottery winnings is a flat 10% on all quantities exceeding 2,280 PLN. Any quantity less than 2,280 PLN is exempt from taxation.


Importantly, there is no need to undergo a bureaucratic procedure or complete excessive documentation. The entire procedure is optimized to ensure minimal inconvenience. The tax is deducted by the lottery operator at the source. It is the responsibility of the lottery operator to transmit the funds to the tax office.

Our Opinion on Mini Lotto


In a summary, Mini Lotto is a lottery game that is extremely cost-effective without sacrificing the jackpot. It has a low price tag but provides add-ons and extras for those who can afford them. Consequently, if you are searching for something more affordable or novel, you must play this game.


Mini Lotto FAQs

Get prompt answers to frequently asked questions about Mini Lotto Poland:


When is the Mini Lotto drawing?


The daily Mini Lotto drawing occurs at a predetermined time. It occurs at 21:50 daily, Monday through Sunday.


Who is the Mini Lotto owner?


Mini Lotto is one of the many lottery activities that Totalizator Sportowy owns and operates. It is the organization responsible for implementing Poland’s state monopoly on lottery activities.


How likely is it to win the Mini Lotto?


The likelihood of receiving a prize in Mini Lotto varies by prize tier. There are three levels of rewards available in the game. The odds of winning the grand prize are 1 in 850.668, the odds of winning the second prize are 1 in 4.598, and the odds of winning the third prize are 1 in 127.






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